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Good Vibes everywhere.

good vibesWelcome to My Positive Vibes! Here you will find many yoga and spiritual related t-shirts and tank tops.

Let the good vibes roll! Our purpose is to combine our talents and knowledge into artistic clothing pieces with a positive message, mixing cultural inspiration with spirituality. We truly believe in the importance of sowing good vibrations throughout the world!

It’s being a great journey since we started to participate in the global awakening, and we will keep it up! Wouldn’t be great if we could live in a world in which new technologies would be placed in the service of Nature and in the service of our true needs, instead of being used only for profitable ends? Yes, we still believe in it.

Therefore, our concept focuses on providing you with high quality articles at affordable prices that promote a sense of well-being and comfort not only in the act of wearing them, but also on a mental and spiritual level, for the wearer and those around him.

We have always felt a great desire to change the world and as we were growing up, we realized that good vibeswhat is important is to first change ourselves.

Hence the name, “MyPositiveVibes”. Not in a egocentric way, but in a sense of responsibility before our own actions.
We believe that only by inner change does the world move forward. By changing our way of thinking and by transforming the negative energy into positive energy daily, we may inspire others. It’s a personal commitment, but also a social one, since we are all one.


Do you like Buddhism? Are you looking for some “mindfulness” inspiring apparel? Maybe some positive art to wear in your daily life? Psychedelic third eyes?  You’re in the right place!

Let’s connect ourselves back to nature and embrace the native spirit!
Our t-shirts are printed with ecologic inks. Enjoy the good vibes! :)

My Positive Vibes